NBA Free Agency: Top targets for Detroit Pistons


DETROIT – NBA free agency is open for business on Friday, July 1 at 12:01 a.m.

Teams can begin negotiating with free agents, and are able to sign players starting on July 7.

The Detroit Pistons likely won't be in play for the summer's most coveted free agent, Kevin Durant -- but the team has plenty of cap space available to add a sizeable player to a young roster.

The NBA's salary cap is projected at $94 million, and according to Spotrac, the Pistons will have around $21 million to play with. 

Pistons center Andre Drummond is a restricted free agent, but most believe the Pistons will offer Drummond a max deal (five years, $120 million). 

Here are some possible targets for the Pistons, starting Friday:

Al Horford - C/F - Most recent team: Atlanta Hawks

After the Jodie Meeks trade to Orlando, to free up cap room, the Pistons are almost in position to go after Horford.  According to ESPN the Pistons are trying to arrange a meeting with Horford within the first 48 hours of free agency.  Here’s the deal with Al Horford, he will demand a max contract, which might be too rich for the Pistons blood. They still need a backup point guard and maybe another shooting guard. The other thing – Horford has many suitors. The Rockets, Thunder, Wizards, Lakers, Magic, Celtics, Nets and of course the Hawks are reportedly interested in his services.  Horford is 30-years-old, and is one of the best at his position.

Raymond Felton - PG - Most recent team: Dallas Mavericks

The Pistons have a glaring hole at back up point guard. 32-year-old Raymond Felton had a bounce back year in Dallas, averaging close to 10 points per game. Downside to Felton is his bad shooting.

Austin Rivers - PG - Most recent team: Los Angeles Clippers

Rivers is an unrestricted free agent, who averaged 9 points per game in 2015-16 with the Clippers. He shot 33 percent from three point range, and 43 percent from the field.

Al Jefferson - PF - Most recent team: Charlotte Hornets

There are a lot of “bigs” out there this free agent season, but some of the marquee names might be a bit too expensive.  You have to think like a GM, and know that a guy like Al Jefferson fills a needs. He’s a guy that scores in the post and has a jumper. He might be slowing a bit, but you can still expect about 15 points and 8 rebounds per game. Oh, by the way, he shoots 70% from the line.

Jeremy Lin - PG - Most recent team: Charlotte Hornets

Yes, that Jeremy Lin. And no, I’m not on drugs. Lin is an attacking point guard that would be great for Andre Drummond off the pick-and-roll. He has cleaned up his turnover ratio and is a solid backup option. While he won’t provide a lot on the defensive end of the floor, he will be more than serviceable when Reggie needs a breather.

Matthew Dellavedova - PG - Most recent team: Cleveland Cavaliers

ESPN's Brian Windhorst believes the Pistons will make an offer to Dellavedova, reporting that the Pistons were sending scouts to watch him during the Cavaliers playoff run. Delly is a scrappy point guard, averaging 7.5 points, 4.4 assists per game in 2016 with Cleveland. He also shot over 40 percent from three point range.

Evan Fournier - SG - Most recent team: Orlando Magic

Breaking away from the team’s biggest needs, PG/PF, here’s a guy that can fill it up. I like KCP, but a little competition for playing time couldn’t hurt.  Fournier shoots at a better percentage everywhere on the floor. I’m sure he wouldn’t be a cheap addition, but he might be worth it.

Bradley Beal - SG - Most recent team: Washington Wizards

Okay, so if they could grab anyone, this would be the guy.  He has injury concerns, yes, but he’s only 23-years-old. He is a restricted free agent, so it wouldn’t be clean and easy getting him onboard.  Beal can score. He could be the focal point on the offensive end. (Update: Beal expected to re-sign in Washington)

Luis Scola - F - Most recent team: Toronto Raptors

Scola has some serious range, shooting 40 percent from the three-point line in 2015. Scola is a veteran, at 36-years-old, but could provide a front line scoring boost off the bench. If the Pistons re-sign Anthony Tolliver, Scola would likely be out of the mix.

Pau Gasol - PF/C - Most recent team: Chicago Bulls

Pau is old. I know. But Pau would be a great mentor for a guy like Henry Ellenson. Gasol’s inside/outside game has been outstanding since the early 2000’s. He did average 17 points and 11 rebounds per game last season. So, that tank ain’t empty yet.

Here's a look at the current Detroit Pistons depth chart.


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