Ryan Lochte, Katie Ledecky make guest appearances in Michael Phelps' latest Facebook broadcast


Michael Phelps' latest Facebook live broadcasts were held before and after Friday's workout at the U.S. Olympic Swim Team camp in San Antonio, Texas alongside his teammates. First, Phelps chatted poolside with fans joined by Conor Dwyer, Jimmy Feigen Chase Kalisz and Maya DiRado. Phelps' longtime coach Bob Bowman - also the men's U.S. head coach - even made a cameo. Then, in Phelps' second broadcast, the team boarded the bus to take them back to their hotel and took a few questions from Facebook fans.

The team jumped in on the fun, answering questions like "macaroni or pizza?" and "vanilla or chocolate?" while Ryan Lochte got special fan-shout outs. Lochte flexed, admitted that he plays Pokemon Go, confirmed that Friday night is always pizza and wings night no matter where he is and said he was shirtless in order to get a tan. Katie Ledecky, who said any song by Train is a favorite, even said yes to going on a date with a stranger.

Phelps, sitting next to Lochte, created an "old dudes club" consisting of himself, Lochte, David Plummer and Anthony Ervin - the athletes over 30 years of age on the bus.

You can watch the full broadcasts here: