What Olympic sport would you play?

Quiz matches your strengths to a sport

What Olympic sport could have been your calling?  

It's a question you may have considered as you watch our athletes going for the gold.

Would you have you blown them away on the beam? Wowed the crowd in synchronized diving? Or forged your way to the win as a fencer?

While most of our Olympic dreams are forever just dreams, it is fun to imagine what sport we might have called our own.

First Lady Michelle Obama says gymnastics would have been her pick, if only she wasn't so tall. President Obama is known for shooting hoops at the White House, but says he would have been a sprinter in the Olympics.  He likes the idea of being known as "The Fastest Man On Earth."

Beaumont Dr. James Bicos has worked with numerous Olympians over the years -- including most recently the men and women's gymnastics teams.  So what sport would have been his specialty?

"I would do the triple jump.  I was a long jumper, triple jumper.  Triple jump is kind of a unique little sport," said Bicos.  "I think something out of my realm would've probably been fencing.  My wife is actually a fencer."

If you need help narrowing down your choices, researchers at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom devised an online test for the London games (check it out here).  It asks 13 questions to rate your physical and mental strengths -- including "Are you as agile as a cat or more like a sloth?"

The test also gauges your reaction time by measuring how fast you can click on a series of targets.   The quiz then matches your responses to sports that capitalize on those attributes.

We asked some of our Local 4 colleagues to take the test:

The test matched anchor Devin Scillian with tennis -- a sport he already enjoys playing.  

Anchor/reporter Kimberly Gill is known for her precision. No surprise, the quiz suggested precision sports like archery for her.  

Meteorologist Ben Bailey may be forecasting wet days ahead -- his recommended sport was swimming.

For Bernie "Spike It" Smilovitz -- the test served up volleyball and tennis.

Dr. Frank McGeorge will need a helmet.  His results pointed to cycling and mountain biking.

While each sport requires something different, Bicos says all of the Olympians share one thing in common.

"I think probably the biggest thing is like commitment.  These athletes, they have one goal in mind, and they're going to get that goal," said Bicos.

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