Sports Rumor Mill: Michigan's Harbaugh top candidate for vacant head coaching job with L.A. Rams


DETROIT – Even before Jeff Fisher was fired as the L.A. Rams head coach Monday, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh was considered a top candidate for the NFL team's head coach.

Harbaugh is finishing up his second year with Michigan as part of a 7-year deal.

NFL experts are spinning the rumor mill, suggesting the best available coach for any NFL team is Harbaugh based on his resume with the 49ers, in which he took the team to three straight NFC title games and one Super Bowl appearance before leaving for Ann Arbor.

As for reasons why L.A. is a likely landing spot, the Rams owner is one of the richest and would likely be willing to spend a boatload of cash to draw in fans considering the team's recent move and new stadium that's on the way.

Harbaugh or the University have yet to address these rumors.