Tom Brady throws major shade at NFL commish Roger Goodell in new commercial

Brady celebrates fifth Super Bowl championship


Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have rarely seen eye-to-eye over the past several years.

Since the back-and-forth legal battle over Deflategate, which resulted in Brady missing the first four games of the season, it's no secret the relationship between both parties is somewhat strained.

Before the Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl under Brady, the prospective handshake between the former Michigan football quarterback and Goodell was highly anticipated.

After the Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit and Brady was named Super Bowl MVP, Shields put together a commercial that capitalized on their awkward post-game encounter.

You can see the full commercial below.

Brady almost forgets to pull out his "new" fifth Super Bowl ring to put in the locker, and the Shields representative says, "We're going to need you a bigger locker."

"Roger that," Brady says.

Atlanta fans were surely devastated by their team's 25-point collapse Sunday, but Goodell might be the one who never recovers.