Jim Harbaugh slams 'SEC water carrier' Paul Finebaum for calling him a cheater

Harbaugh slams SEC analyst on Twitter


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh doesn't mince words on Twitter, and ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum was the latest victim on Thursday night.

After the noted SEC homer went on another rant about Michigan football, Harbaugh took to Twitter with one of his most savage tweets yet.

"Pete Finebaum, the unabashed SEC water carrier, really needs to get his facts straight. #AlternativeFacts," Harbaugh tweeted at 9:34 p.m.

I'm not even sure which part of the tweet is more offensive: purposely getting Finebaum's first name wrong or calling him an "unabashed SEC water carrier."

Finebaum called Harbaugh a cheater for hiring former NFL coach Michael Johnson, the father of a future No. 1 quarterback recruit. Johnson, who coached in the NFL for 10 years, is clearly qualified to work for Michigan football whether or not his son is a highly rated recruit.

Obviously, hiring a future five-star's father doesn't hurt, either.

Harbaugh deployed similar tactics in a mini-feud with Tennessee's Butch Jones, calling him "my Rocky Top colleague." He also referred to Kirby Smart as "the Georgia coach" and said he was "barking up the wrong tree" in a rules debate.

He also went with the "truth hurts" tactic of calling out Finebaum's clear SEC bias. The SEC Network commentator doesn't try to hide his preference for the SEC, but somehow Harbaugh calling him a "water carrier" for the conference makes it sound much worse.

Finebaum won't mind the attack, as it's sure to give him a chance to respond and bring more attention to his radio show. He's made a living on picking fights with Michigan fans since Harbaugh's arrival in Ann Arbor, and this is his best opportunity yet.

UPDATE: The SEC Network has released an official response to Harbaugh's tweet. You can see it below: