Best seats to see home runs at Detroit's Comerica Park


DETROIT – Ever wonder where to sit at a Tigers game? Well, if you're a fan of home runs, this might help.

Seat Geek developed a rundown of the best sections at Comerica Park to see home runs.

Here's what they said:

Few ballparks saw a bigger increase in home runs in 2016 than Comerica Park, which saw 55 more long balls than in the 2015 season. Only Chase Field and Busch Stadium saw bigger jumps, and the 208 home runs in Comerica Park put it ninth in all of baseball. Unfortunately the Tigers also had the third-most uncatchable dingers in baseball, putting their catchable home run total of 126 right in the middle of the majors. All five sluggers who hit more than 20 home runs last season - Miguel Cabrera, Justin Upton, Ian Kinsler, Victor Martinez and J.D. Martinez - return this season, so fans should expect much of the same.

Both right field and left field offer up good options to snag a long ball. In right field Sections 104 and 105 each saw at least 15 home runs, while in left field Sections 147, 148 and 149 each saw at least 12 homers, and had tickets averaging right around $25. In 2016 the Tigers finished just outside the playoff picture, but will be looking to top the AL Central once again in 2017.

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