Jim Harbaugh writes 'simple message' of advice to radio host Colin Cowherd

Michigan football coach leaves handwritten note for Colin Cowherd


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Jim Harbaugh and Colin Cowherd had one of the most awkward sports interviews of the year two summers ago, which ended with the radio host hanging up on Michigan's head football coach.

But the two men made up soon afterward, as Harbaugh took 50 percent of the blame for the "clunker" interview.

"In my experience of participating in interviews, I've found it takes 2 to produce a clunker!" Harbaugh tweeted July 1, 2015. "I'll take 50% responsibility 4 this clunker."

From that, it appears, a new friendship was born. The two have talked since, and the follow-up interviews were nowhere near as awkward as the original.

On Tuesday, Harbaugh apparently left Cowherd a handwritten message, calling him "pal" and signing it "your friend, Jim Harbaugh."

"Colin -- Hey pal,

Sorry I missed you on Monday. Hope you are well, and don't forget to "attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

Your friend,

Jim Harbaugh"

You can see a tweet from "The Herd" below.

It's safe to say Cowherd is more likely thatn Paul Finebaum to get an invite to the Harbaugh household.