Tostitos chips to feature Detroit Lions 'Lucky Bags'


DETROIT – If you are a true Detroit Lions fan, you will buy bags upon bags of the new Tostitos with the Lions logo on them. 

At least that's what the "Official Party Chip and Dip Sponsor for the NFL" is hoping. But you do what you want. Not every NFL team will have the bags, so Lions fans should feel special, or lucky. 

Anyway, the promo video (see below) includes a refresher on the Lions fight song "Gridiron Heroes," which goes like this: 

Hail the colors Blue and Silver let them wave.
Sing their song and cheer the Gridiron Heroes brave,
Fighting for fame, winning the game,
Dashing to victory as they go.

Forward down the field,
A charging team that will not yield.
And when the Blue and Silver wave,
Stand and cheer the brave.
Rah, Rah, Rah.
Go hard, win the game.
With honor you will keep your fame.
Down the field and gain,
A Lion victory!

So if you don't buy the chips, at least you get to hear the song.

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