Nextdoor poll: Are you excited for the Super Bowl?

More than 1,500 people answered our poll on Nextdoor

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We asked Nextdoor users in Metro Detroit if they're excited for the Super Bowl on Sunday (watch live on WDIV!). We offered a mixed bag of responses, some admittedly silly, but got a pretty good picture from the 1,576 responses. Here's how people responded: 



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Here are comments from Nextdoor users about Sunday's big game:

"We have an au pair from Austria whose father is flying in just so he can be in the U.S. for Super Bowl weekend. He loves football and is always looking for an excuse to visit the US to watch a game. He's looking for a great sports bar where he can go in the Detroit area to watch a game and meet some other football fans. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated." -Amy K., Novi

"Wouldn't touch the NFL with a 10 ft pole after the miserable demonstrations of political nonsense this past year." -Rick, Pinckney

"It's an all day event shared with close relatives and friends for over 30 years! In my families case - males only. The men doing all the planning and handle the food themselves. Start with everyone getting together for brunch. Play cards until and during game. Everyone bring something to contribute to dinner. Appetizer's served after brunch and throughout day: barb-b-cue meatballs, wings, chili, fruit wedges (pineapple, melon), self-serve taco bar, cheese/crackers, chips/dip, salsa/chips, cookies, brownies, bar cookies - just about anything that can be eaten without too much fuss." -Therese O., Clawson 

"I love the Super Bowl especially if my squares come in lollllll" -Kenny M., La Salle 

"Used to love the Super Bowl but NFL lost me when they lost their patriotism and class." Susan D., Clawson

Share your comments below! Learn more about Nextdoor here. Watch the Super Bowl on Sunday on WDIV Local 4. Kickoff is 6:30 p.m.