Korea: Women's Olympic hockey team


North and South Korean National Olympic Committees, the International Olympic Committee and the International Ice Hockey Federation announced in late January a unified team would represent both countries in the women's hockey tournament at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games.

It will be the first time the two nations have competed as a unified team in a sport at the Olympic Games. The team, made up of 12 North Korean and 23 South Korean players can dress only 22 for their Olympic contests, which begin against Switzerland on February 10 at 7:10 a.m. ET.

Han Do-Hee G Ice Avengers (KOR)
Genny Knowles G Phoenix (KOR)
Ri Pom G Sajabong (PRK)
Shin So-Jung G Ice Beat (KOR)
Cho Mi-Hwan D Ice Avengers (KOR)
Choe Jong Hui D Kimchaek (PRK)
Eom Su-Yeon D Ice Avengers (KOR)
Hwang Chung Gum D Taesongsan (PRK)
Hwang Sol Gyong D Jangjasan (PRK)
Kim Se-Lin D Ice Avengers (KOR)
Park Chae-Lin D Ice Beat (KOR)
Park Ye-Eun D Ice Beat (KOR)
Park Yoon-Jung (Marissa Brandt) D Phoenix (KOR)
Ryu Su Jong D Kimchaek (PRK)
Choe Un Gyong F Susan (PRK)
Choi Jiy-Eon F Ice Avengers (KOR)
Choi Yu-Jung  F Ice Beat (KOR)
Randi Griffin  F Phoenix (KOR)
Han Soo-Jin  F Ice Beat (KOR)
Danelle Im F Phoenix (KOR)
Jin Ok F Kanggye (PRK)
Jo Su-Sie  F Ice Beat (KOR)
Jong Su Hyon F Taesongsan (PRK)
Jung Si-Yun F Ice Avengers (KOR)
Kim Hee-Won  F Ice Avengers (KOR)
Kim Hyang-Mi  F Taesongsan (PRK)
Kim Un Hyang F Kanggye (PRK)
Kim Un Jong  F Taesongsan (PRK)
Ko Hae-In F Ice Avengers (KOR)
Lee Eun-Ji  F Phoenix (KOR)
Lee Jin-Gyu  F Phoenix (KOR)
Lee Yeon-Jeong F Ice Beat (KOR)
Caroline Park F Phoenix (KOR)
Park Jong-Ah F Ice Avengers (KOR)
Ryo Song Hui F Taesongsan (PRK)