Michigan Olympian Kyle Mack's sister gives update from PyeongChang

Gyeongbokgung Palace (Rachel Mack)
Gyeongbokgung Palace (Rachel Mack)

PYEONGCHANG – Day two, we started off with a tour of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

This place was incredible, from the detail in artwork on every ceiling and pole to how big it was! It would have been cool to be able to see how the palace used to work in the olden days. They had a building for everything. One building for gathers, one building for the king to pray and do his rituals, multiple buildings for kitchens. This place was huge!

After, we took a stroll through a market street. There were lots of cool Korean culture items for sale such a chopsticks, paper fans, and lots and lots of clothing. We stopped at a local brewery for lunch and had Bi Bim Bops, along with chicken fried rice and beef soup. We topped off lunch with a couple of local sweets, such as honey crackers. These were delicious! The are very tender crackers make with fresh honey. They melted right in your mouth.

After lunch, we made our way back for a quick nap before heading out to dinner. A full day of walking definitely will tire you out.

For dinner, our local friend took us to the most popular local market in Seoul. The street was packed with food carts. They had all you could imagine, from raw fish and crabs, to cooked kimchi, to all types of deserts.

We were taken to a restaurant where everyone wanted to try live octopus. When I say live, the plate was delivered and all tentacles were still moving. When you put it in your mouth you had to make sure you completely chewed it before swallowing because the tentacles would still suck on your tongue and cheeks. It wasn't that bad. It was definitely the texture that got most of us. It was like chewing on cartilage. Along with the live octopus we had friend bean pancakes that were absolutely delicious. Most of our stomachs didn't feel the best after this... 

Rachel Mack is the sister of Kyle Mack, who is attending his first Winter Olympics competing in Slopestyle and Big Air.

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