Check out Mikaela Shiffrin's best dance moves


Mikaela Shiffrin was 17-years-old when Taylor Swift released “Red,” which received a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. 

Shiffrin listened to the album for more than four years before filming a music video on her 22nd birthday, based on Swift's hit song “22.”

Fearless on the slopes, Shiffrin is similarly fearless in showing off her dance moves:

“In my mind, I’m a really good dancer,” Shiffrin said. “I wish you guys could see me in my head.”

Her greatest hits include nailing this lip sync of Adele’s “Hello.” In the caption, she wrote, “I know what you're thinking, I sound just like Adele. What can I say, some people are just born with the gift of sound”:

She even filmed a video where she pretended to be Paul Rudd performing in the lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show.”  Yes, that means she was doing an impression of somebody who was doing an impression of somebody else singing: 

Shiffrin can also make her own music. She is a talented pianist who can play everything pop songs to the melodies of Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi: