Update from Kyle Mack's sister in PyeongChang

Rachel Mack with her brother Kyle Mack in PyeongChang
Rachel Mack with her brother Kyle Mack in PyeongChang

Rachel Mack sent us this update Saturday from PyeongChang, where her brother Kyle, of West Bloomfield, is competing. 

Day 3:

Spent the morning traveling to PyeonChang to our hotel for the rest of the stay near the venue. Everyone got in a cat nap before heading down to the opening ceremony.

Boy was the opening ceremony absolutely amazing. The amount of people, the structure of the building, and all the shows they put on, they did a spectacular job! My favorite part of the ceremony was definitely seeing the USA team walk out. They have the largest team in USA history this year at the Olympics. It was also incredible to see how many different countries are represented at the Olympics and the amount of support that comes out to cheer them on!

Day 4:

The day is here that Kyle competes! We made it up to the venue before his practice started. As he would come down during practice you could tell how excited and happy he was to be there, and he felt great. Being able to watch him in person, since I haven't in a really long time, gave me the chills. As run 1 kicked off, it didn't end up the way he was hoping for, but there was still a second run ahead.

Second run started off great for him, his rail game was on point. His first and second jumps he stomped, however, that last one he just missed it. Even though this wasn't how he planned for it to go, the fact that he made it here, an experience of a lifetime, our family could not be more proud of him. His hard work, dedication, and attitude has given him this opportunity to make his dream come true. It's not over yet though!

He's coming for ya big air!