Ask Meryl: Olympic gold medalist Meryl Davis is taking your questions

Olympic gold medalist Meryl Davis is covering the Winter Games for Local 4 and she’s answering your questions! What would you like to know?

Whether you're a young skater, athlete or Olympics fan, we'd love it if you'd use the entry form below to share a video of yourself asking your question. (Meryl supports and teaches youth skaters in Detroit, so we'd love to hear from our future Olympians!) You can also ask a question by emailing us at clickondetroit@wdiv.com or posting a question in the comments section below.

Meryl, who won gold in ice dancing with her partner Charlie White in the 2014 Winter Games, is happy to answer questions about the Olympics, competing as a world-class athlete, or other related topics. Here's an example of a question we received: 

  • I would like to know what is the hardest technical element for her. Also, is there a program she and Mr. White have performed over the years which is her absolute favorite?