Time to play the game sweeping the nation - curling bingo


Curling is literally sweeping the nation, as more and more people are realizing that the lesser-known Olympic sport actually... rocks. And now that the mixed doubles tournament is over, we're here to bring you a new way to watch your new favorite sport from the comfort of your own house - curling bingo. It's as easy as it sounds. When you see or hear something on your square, mark it off. The handshake is the free space. First to five in a row wins the game. Sweep the entire board for a more challenging game. There are five different cards. Open and print them in a new tab so you and your friends can all throw your hat into the ring and slide in on the fun.

Need a refresher on the rules? Here you go:


And here's the official curling glossary if you need that too:



Good luck becoming ruler of the house!