What Winter Olympic sport would you do?

Quiz matches your strengths to a sport


What Olympic sport could have been your calling?

It's a question you may have considered as you watch our athletes going for the gold.

Would you have slid to glory in skeleton? Soared to new heights on the ski jump? Or perhaps rocked the world of curling?

It's intriguing to imagine what sport we might have excelled at given the time, opportunity, and oh yes, talent.

Beaumont Dr. James Bicos has worked with numerous Olympians over the years. So what sport would have been his specialty?

"Probably the most interesting one that I would want to strive to do would be the biathlon," Bicos said. "I think you really have to incorporate a lot of cardiovascular. You have to be strong, but then also kind of control your body to be able to shoot it at a very small target and control your heart rate. I think that's a very, very difficult sport to do."

If you need help narrowing down your Olympic choices, there are various online quizzes that take into account your physical and mental strengths, personality and personal preferences

For Bicos, it was a split decision.

"We took two quizzes, one of them, I was supposed to be a bobsledder. It didn't say what position on it it was, and then the other one, it said that I should do skiing," said Bicos. "I don't know about the bobsledding, if I agree with that, and as far as the skiing, I do more snowboarding, so in my mind, I'd like to be like a Shaun White and maybe to keep up with my son, but that will never ever, ever happen."

We asked some of our Local 4 colleagues to take the quiz, too.

The test matched anchor Devin Scillian with bobsledding -- perhaps "Flashpoint" could be his sliding nickname?  

For anchor Kimberly Gill, the quiz suggested the daring sport of skeleton.  If they ever start a pairs event, she can join up with anchor/reporter Jason Colthorp -- that was his recommended sport, too. Anchor/reporter Karen Drew is known for grace under pressure, and to no surprise, her quiz results point to figure skating.

Meteorologist Ben Bailey is forecasting some "stoked" time on the slopes -- his suggested sport was snowboarding.

And for Bernie "Soaring" Smilovitz, the quiz recommended the high-flying sport of ski jumping.
While we doubt we'll see Bernie on the large hill anytime soon, it's certainly fun to imagine!

So what sport would you do? Take the quiz to find out!

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