Norway wins men's team pursuit gold


Norway have won their first team pursuit gold medal after defeating South Korea.

Norway shocked the gold medal favorite Dutch team in the semifinal, breaking the Olympic record. Dutch skater Jan Blokhuijsen appeared to suffer a minor skate malfunction in the second to last lap of their semifinal against Norway that slowed the team down. 

In the final, Norway had to not only race against the other team, but also against the lively home fans. South Korean speed skaters have been boosted by the energetic home crowd throughout the Games. 

The Netherlands comfortably handled New Zealand in the bronze medal race. Although rotations are allowed from round to round in the team pursuit, New Zealand only brought three skaters, and as a result ran out of gas against the Dutch. 

South Korea trailed throughout the semifinal to New Zealand, but rallied in the final lap to win the matchup.

The U.S. competed in the Final D, sealing last place in the event. 

10,000m bronze medalist, Nicola Tumolero (ITA), suffered an injury following the C Final and had to receive medical attention.