Devin Logan won in an unexpected way at PyeongChang


Freeskier Devin Logan has had a lot of excitement at the Winter Olympics. Between competing in two events, celebrating her 25th birthday and giving the world a “tiny hands” surprise, she’s been busy. But she was also expecting it. One thing Logan didn’t anticipate was seeing her divorced parents come together to cheer her on in PyeongChang.

According to TODAY, Logan’s parents had a less-than-amicable divorce when she was 5 years old. Even though her parents had a rocky relationship, they always made sure Devin got on her skis in time for practices and competitions.

It had been years since Logan’s parents last spoke, but when the 2014 Sochi silver medalist had a rough day of ski halfpipe qualification (Logan finished in 15th and did not move on to the final), her parents were waiting for her at the bottom of the pipe, standing together in support of her.

“It’s pretty remarkable that they’re here together,” Logan told TODAY. “Not staying together, but being civil. It’s sweet they can put their differences aside to come together for me, their daughter.”

They even snapped a photo together.

“In this trip for both of them, I think they worked out some things between themselves, which was kind of a hidden thing I didn’t think would happen, but I’m so glad it did,” Logan told TODAY. She also said that after the halfpipe, it was nice having them together for post-run hugs.

Logan, who worked three jobs as a 15-year-old to support her skiing, started out skiing in everything from moguls to ski ballet, but gravitated to freeskiing with a push from her brothers. She is a versatile skier, competing in ski slopestyle and ski halfpipe in PyeongChang and adding big air to the mix at the X Games from time to time.

At the 2014 Sochi Games, Logan was a member of the first U.S. ski slopestyle team and won a silver in women’s ski slopestyle. She hasn’t had as much luck in PyeongChang, where she finished the slopestyle in 10th and got knocked out of halfpipe after the qualifier. But Logan has still won – just not in the way she imagined.