Switzerland defeats Great Britain 9-5


It was an extremely close match throughout as Switzerland and Great Britain went head to head in the men's tie breaker game.

It all came down to final stone in the ninth end. 

Switzerland's Benoit Schwarz threw and all he could do was hope for the best. 

His last shot scored the Swiss five points to take a 9-5 lead in the ninth end. 

"I thought it was four at first, and then I saw the last one didn't jam, so it was five. I knew if it went through the ports it was going to be a bundle of points, and it was." explained Benoit Schwarz 

Switzerland won the tie break game 9-5 and will advance to play Sweden in the semifinals.

Great Britain led 4-1 after the fourth end until the Swiss surged to tie the match up at 4-4.

Kyle Smith was able to gain the Brits a one point advantage going into the ninth end.

Ultimately it was missed shots that would come back to bite the Brits.

"Coming back in the ninth end, we were trying to force and we never made enough shots. We just got caught out quite a lot with the swings on that side of the sheet, and that was really the game right there." Great Britain's Cameron Smith said following the match. 

Switzerland's final shot would be enough to secure a win and clinch a spot in the semifinals. 

The Swiss advance to play top seeded Sweden on Thursday at 6:05a.m. ET.