Wu Dajing wins 500m gold medal


Wu Dajing is untouchable in the 500m.

Wu did not trail for a second in any of the 500m races, breaking the world record twice in an hour in the process.


With the gold medal, Wu becomes the first Chinese man to win an Olympic short track gold medal.

South Korea took silver and bronze in the event, as Hwang Dae-Heon and Lim Hyo-Jun finished behind Wu.

Samuel Girard was the fourth skater of the Final A. 

Girard was seemingly out of the competition in the semifinal when his blade broke going around the first turn, but after some hesitation officials called off the race, prompting a restart.

Liu Shaolin Sandor won the Final B.

Ren Ziwei had broken the Olympic record in the first heat of the quarterfinals. Ren would finish sixth. 

Medal contenders Seo Yi-Ra and Han Tianyu failed to advance to the semifinal after a collision. Seo made an aggressive cut inside and made contact with Han, landing them both against the side padding.