Switzerland wins inaugural Olympic Alpine skiing team event


Gold: Switzerland
Silver: Austria
Bronze: Norway

Switzerland defeated Austria to win the gold medal in the Alpine skiing team event, which made its Olympic debut in PyeongChang.

Norway claimed the bronze medal over France. 

The team event featured 16 teams of four athletes (two men and two women) arranged in a bracket-style, single-elimination format. A skier from each of the two competing nations raced down the course in a series of head-to-head slalom races.

The U.S. lost to Great Britain in the opening round. Both nations earned two points, but the tiebreaker (having the lower combined time of its fastest male and female competitor) allowed Great Britain to advance.

The U.S. was represented by Megan McJames, Nolan Kasper, Tricia Mangan and David Chodounsky.

This was the final Alpine skiing event at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Catch up on all of the highlights here:

Gold medal
Switzerland defeated Austria (3-1)

Bronze medal
Norway defeated France (2-2, Norway won tiebreaker)

Austria defeated Norway (3-1)
Switzerland defeated France (3-1)

Austria defeated Sweden (4-0)
Norway defeated Great Britain (2-2, Norway won tiebreaker)
France defeated Italy (3-1)
Switzerland defeated Germany (2-2, Switzerland won tiebreaker)

Round of 16
Austria defeated South Korea (4-0)
Sweden defeated Slovenia (3-1)
Great Britain defeated USA (2-2, Great Britain won tiebreaker)
Norway defeated OAR (4-0)
Italy defeated Czech Republic (3-1)
France defeated Canada (2-2, France won tiebreaker)
Germany defeated Slovakia (2-2, Germany won tiebreaker)
Switzerland defeated Hungary (4-0)