Germany's FC St. Pauli will be in Michigan this week for match with Detroit City FC


DETROIT – One of Germany's most well-known football clubs will be visiting Michigan this week to take on Detroit City FC in an international friendly match. 

This will be FC St. Pauli's first match in the United States, which is pretty remarkable for a club that's been playing since 1907. 

Based in St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany, FC St. Pauli is known for having one of the world's most devoted and grassroots-built group of supporters. They are known as one of Germany's "Kult" clubs. It's the kind of fan base for which DCFC strives and works to emulate. 

"We’re honored to host an internationally renowned club like St. Pauli,” Sean Mann, co-owner of Detroit City FC, said. “St. Pauli is a club that stands for important values that play a role in their community beyond sports. In many ways, they are one of the clubs we’ve always looked up to as we’ve tried to build our club into something special in our own community and beyond."

The match is set for 6 p.m. Saturday at Keyworth Stadium -- ticket details here

Meanwhile, DCFC will be in Cincinnati on Wednesday for a match against FC Cincinnati. 

By the way, VICE Sports did this minidoc on FC St. Pauli in 2015: 

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