Undefeated Detroit Dodgers basketball team headed to North Carolina for nationals

Team needs help funding trip

DETROIT – It takes a lot to work on your game and your day job.

“We have a doctor, an athletic trainer, an IT coordinator, a graduate assistant, a high school coach and high school teachers on our team,” said Kanisha Ward, who owns and plays for the Detroit Dodgers.

These ladies are many things by day. By night, they are the Detroit Dodgers, a semiprofessional basketball team playing in the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League.

“We all hooped together in the inner city,” Ward said. “After we branched out, we made sure we kept in contact with each other.”

You can credit the Dodgers coach for bringing a group of former Division 1 basketball players together.

“We came together as one and pretty much formed this team,” Dodgers head coach Nicole Blocker said. “We wanted to help morale of [the] city with women’s basketball and keep it going, to give young ones hope that there’s something to do after college.”

The Dodgers practice once a week and play their games on Saturdays. That’s on top of their 9-to-5 jobs.

Get this: the Dodgers dominate. They’re undefeated, won their region and are now headed to nationals in North Carolina.

“Everybody who plays loves the game of basketball and loves to compete,” Dajourie Turner, a Dodgers shooting guard, said. “It’s an open opportunity for everyone involved."

It’s a big deal for these players, who sacrifice a lot for the love of the game. This weekend, they have one goal.

“To bring a championship home!” Ward said. “We don’t just want to go there. We want to win it all.”

The Dodgers need some help to travel to nationals in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you want to donate, visit their GoFundMe page.

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