Detroit Lions 2018: Local 4 team makes annual season predictions

How many wins for the 2018 Lions?

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How many wins will the Detroit Lions have this season?

It's that time of year -- time for Local 4's annual season predictions! The Lions went 9-7 last year and missed the playoffs.

Detroit comes into the new season, which they will open Monday night against the Jets, with a new head coach.

Here's a look at the 2018 schedule

Here's what the Local 4 team is predicting for the 2018 Detroit Lions:

  • Devin Scillian: 9-7
  • Kimberly Gill: 10-6
  • Rhonda Walker: 9-7 and we will get the wild card spot in the playoffs
  • Jason Carr: 9-7
  • Brandon Roux: 12-4 (Stafford MVP, Kerryon Johnson Rookie of the Year)
  • Priya Mann: Per sources, 9-7
  • Rod Meloni: 5-11
  • Hank Winchester: 10-6
  • Jason Colthorp: 8-8...and lots of complaining from the fans.
  • Paula Tutman: I predict Lions will win the World Series this year and then eat the Elk and Antelopes in the next enclosure for dessert. They will be that good.
  • Larry Spruill: 6-10
  • Kevin Dietz: 9-7
  • Koco McAboy: 9-7 but miss the playoffs
  • Kim DeGiulio: 10-6
  • Jamie Edmonds: 8-8
  • Mara MacDonald: 0-16
  • Paul Gross: They're going to win a game or two they have no business winning, and lose a game or two they have no business losing. So I'm going with 8-8. 

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