We want to see your sports highlights! Share your video with Bernie Smilovitz

Send in your highlight and you may win a $50 gift card


We're trying something new. Do you have a great video of a highlight you'd love more people to see? Well, we'd love to see it.

Share your video with Local 4's Bernie Smilovitz and he may include it in his weekly segment, "You've Got Highlights!" We'll take a look at all videos, and our favorites will win $50 gift cards.

Share your videos at: https://www.clickondetroit.com/BernieHighlights

What are we looking for? Here's some ideas:

  • Kids sports videos - Heroic goals, dazzling shots, team celebrations -- We love all things youth sports. Just keep it positive! We've had  fun golf, soccer, basketball, boxing, Fortnite dances and more.
  • Accomplishments -- Did you lift something heavy? Run or bike far? Meet a goal? Capture your milestone on video and send it in
  • Bloopers -- Yeah, this is more "highlights" than highlights, but we love a blooper. Have a spectacular spill or magnificent whiff? Send it in -- just make sure no one got too hurt and everyone is OK with sharing it with the public. 
  • Pets -- Our pets are some of the best athletes in the family! Show off their moves and we may add them to the You've Got Highlights mix. 
  • Examples -- See examples below on our YouTube playlist. 

Questions about You've Got Highlights? Email us at: clickondetroit@wdiv.com

You've Got Highlights videos