Steve Garagiola: The only Super Bowl question that matters

It is all about the snacks on Super Bowl Sunday

It is all about the snacks on Super Bowl Sunday, argues Steve Garagiola, Local 4 anchor and reporter.
It is all about the snacks on Super Bowl Sunday, argues Steve Garagiola, Local 4 anchor and reporter.

DETROIT – The Super Bowl has stirred conversation and debate for millions of Americans around the country. Not about who is going to win. Who cares? The question is: What are you going to serve for snacks?

To some, this may sound trivial. But for sports fans (both fanatical and casual), snacks are a critical part of the game... and every event presents a unique challenge.

For example, if I am tucked into my favorite soft chair on a Sunday afternoon in April watching the final round of the Masters, I do not want a table full of finger food. 

I want my all-star lunch: Ham on toasted rye bread with Swiss cheese, lettuce, a little bit of mayonnaise, a new (bright green and crunchy) dill pickle, Ruffles on the side and root beer in a frosted glass. Now, that is a little slice of heaven.

A baseball game at Comerica Park on a bright Saturday afternoon calls for a hotdog. Not a burrito. Not caprese salad. Not sushi. A hot dog...with mustard. 

Granted, my wife will tell you to put ketchup on your dog -- which is fine with me if you don’t mind ruining it. But that is another story. 

The Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Final Four are all among what I consider party events that require a different approach. 

You have lots of people, up and down, chatting, cheering, rooting, grazing. 

You want fast and easy. So what are the good, the bad, and the just plain wrong?

The Winners:

1. Pizza
2. Chicken fingers or taquitos 
3. Guacamole, hummus and salsa (with chips)
4. Meatballs (those little guys you can grab with a toothpick)
5. Chicken wings (even though they are a little messy)

I did not include chili or nachos, which are both great, but not without risk. You have a large crowd and lots of beans. Do not take this decision lightly.

And then you have those entries that simply do not belong. 

Nobody touches them, but they always show up. 

At the top of the list: the fruit tray. Really? Who invited fruit to a football game? 

And do not show up disguised as something else. I am talking to you, pineapple wrapped in bacon. We know what you really are. 

And while we are at it, no salad with cranberries, nuts and dried apples. You are invited for the next royal wedding, but not now.

It is not easy being a sports fan. You have tough choices to make. So, what is on your list?

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