Judge orders Eastern Michigan to reinstate women's tennis, softball teams

Athletic opportunity for men, women has to reflect student population

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A judge on Wednesday ordered Eastern Michigan University to reinstate its women's tennis and women's softball teams, which were removed as a cost-cutting move.

Title IX requires athletic opportunities for men and women to reflect the student population, which is 59 percent male.

It can be difficult to balance the athletic opportunities. Football, for example, has 85 scholarships, while women's sports have much smaller rosters. Eastern Michigan proposed adding a women's lacrosse team, which would have 35 players.

EMU cut two male sports -- wrestling and swimming and diving -- along with the two female sports.

Athletic Director Scott Wetherbee said it wasn't a move that discriminated against female athletes.

But starting in the fall, Eastern Michigan will now offer 19 varsity sports.

Wetherbee said he would love to see every sport fully supported.

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