Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn on NFL Draft: 'Any position' is an option in first round

Quinn said team open to trading down

DETROIT – Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn held a pre-draft news conference on Thursday afternoon.

Quinn talked about how the team is preparing for the draft, which starts next Thursday.

"This is an important year, like it is every year, to get players into this organization that can help us win," Quinn said. "It's a pretty well-rounded draft, some positions are deeper than others."

Quinn noted a record number of juniors in the draft, but said he doesn't believe they'll all be drafted.

"Players are getting bad information on how high they could go," Quinn said. "So I'm not sure what's going to happen with those guys."

Quinn wouldn't get into much detail about who the team is targeting, which is no surprise, but did shed some light on skillsets the team is looking at, including special teams rankings. 

"We're looking to improve our team in all facets. If we look at a player who can catch but isn't ranked high on special teams, there isn't as much value there."

Quinn said they know if a player ranks high on special teams, they have a good chance to make the team.

"It's an interesting year with defensive players," Quinn said. "A lot of defensive players that don't fit the traditional size, speed -- they're smaller." 

Quinn, as he said a couple of weeks ago, said the team is open to trading down, noting he doesn't believe they'll look to trade up.

"There's a couple players up at the top that you'd love to have, but I don't think we have enough ammunition to get there."

Quinn was asked if the team would target a tight end or offensive lineman in the first round.

"Any position is up for grabs. There's a lot of depth at those positions," Quinn said, adding there could be more value in later rounds.

Quinn was asked about recent conversations with quarterback Matthew Stafford, sending his "prayers" to Stafford and his family as his wife Kelly recently underwent brain surgery.  

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