Lions QB Matthew Stafford talks about wife's brain surgery: 'It changes your perspective'

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford spoke for the first time after his wife, Kelly, had brain surgery earlier this year.

Stafford spoke to reporters on Tuesday afternoon, where he thanked the fans and the team for the their ongoing support.

"Happy for the support, it's been overwhelming and we really appreciate it," Stafford said. "She's doing a heck of a job keeping it all together."

Stafford said family and friends have helped to take care of Kelly and their kids. He also said the team has been flexible with him, allowing him to take time with family.

"Situations like this really change your perspective on a lot of things," Stafford said. 

Watch Stafford's remarks in the video player above.

Kelly Stafford shared an update on social media earlier this month as she recovers from brain surgery.

Stafford underwent a 12-hour surgery on April 21 and was back in the hospital for additional treatment the following Wednesday. She has since been released and said she's limiting her medication to Tylenol.

She said when the tumor was removed her balance system on her right side was "wiped out."

Stafford was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a slow-growing tumor on the main nerve leading from the inner ear to the brain.

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