Vive la Women's World Cup! Viewer's guide to event in France

How to and when to watch upcoming Women's World Cup

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At least this time, there will be a United States team for American soccer fans to follow.

After the U.S. men’s team failed to qualify for last year’s World Cup in Russia, the defending champion U.S. women’s team is currently in France to compete in the month-long Women’s World Cup, which kicked off Friday.

Fox is likely delighted to have a U.S. team to feature as well during its telecasts both on the main Fox channel and Fox Sports 1.

Here’s a viewer’s guide on how to watch, when to watch and how the tournament will play out. 

How many games will be on TV each day?

A majority of the pool play round will feature three games each day at 9 a.m., noon and 3 p.m. Eastern time. Other days will have two, but in general, there will be a lot of soccer to watch over the first couple weeks of competition.

When the knockout stage begins June 22, there will be two games on each day for the round of 16.

When will the U.S. games be on?

The Americans and Thailand will be the last teams to start pool play when they meet at 3 p.m. EST on Tuesday in Reims. The U.S. will then have a Sunday matinee at noon Eastern time on June 16 against Chile in Paris before closing out pool play at 3 p.m. ET on June 20 against Sweden in Le Havre.

U.S. soccer fans will have to plan their watch parties accordingly. 

Rendezvous in France

After hosting the 2016 European championships and the 1998 World Cup, France will welcome in another global soccer event to its nation. 

Things didn’t get off to a good start, with a ticket fiasco that left many fans furious, but the French hope to put on a nice show once the games begin.

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There will be nine sites around the country, those being Rennes, Le Havre, Paris, Valenciennes and Reims in the northern half, and Lyon, Montpellier, Grenoble and Nice in the southern portion. Paris actually won’t host any of the semifinals or the final. 

The semifinals and final will be in Lyon.


Unlike the 32 teams in the men’s tournament last year, there will be 24 teams in the women’s field, divided into six pools of four teams each.

Each team will have three games in pool play against the other opponents placed in its pool.

The top two teams in each pool and the four best third-place finishers will advance to the round of 16, the start of the knockout stage.

Group A - France, Korea, Norway, Nigeria
Group B - China, Germany, Spain, South Africa
Group C - Australia, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica
Group D - Argentina, England, Japan, Scotland
Group E - Cameroon, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand
Group F - Chile, Sweden, Thailand, United States

Key dates

June 7 - First game was held, France vs. Korea in Paris
June 11 - U.S. plays first game of pool play against Thailand (3 p.m. ET)
June 22 - Knockout stage begins 
June 27-29 - Quarterfinals
July 2-3 - Semifinals
July 7 - Final in Lyon (11 a.m. ET)

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