‘Chasing the Champions Tour’ Update: Don’t forget about the swing!

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This week I’d like to share with you a couple of things that have been going on in my quest for the PGA Champions Tour.

People are always asking me when will I start working on my swing and move into the golf portion of this chase. The long and short answer to this question is I’m always working on something that will help me reach my goal! Whether it’s my mental game or physical game, I’m constantly doing something! Thinking about playing, competing and swing fundamentals help take me to the next level. It takes an extreme amount of positive reinforcement to play at a high level of any sport, so every day I VISUALIZE my swing, my attitude on the course, making a putt to win and hoisting my first big tournament trophy!

On the physical side, I have recently started working with a very good friend and college teammate Mike Fay from the Boyne Golf Academy.

Mike is a qualified coach and I trust what he says and recommends. It’s very important when looking for a coach, you get one you trust and can bounce ideas off of. A good coach/student relationship should consist of your own swing thoughts along with his/her philosophy on how to best to coach you! I think Mike will achieve this for me! So keep an eye out for Mike and I in the coming months. We will be shooting golf video tips together in order to help all of you play better golf.

Here is a quick video introducing Mike as my coach:

Now Id’ like to share with you something Dennis Olszewski who is my TPI trainer at 2SP and I have been working on in the gym. Rotation is huge in-order to swing the club properly and most important not hurt yourself while doing it! Here is a photo of Dennis showing me a great way to achieve better T-spine rotation with a Physio-ball that will enable me to get a better turn in my backswing and also giving me more time in my swing. The simple things can make a huge difference if you do them regularly!

T-spine rotation exercise
T-spine rotation exercise

Until next time! Here’s to better GOLF!