Dave Birkett and Rob Rubick grade the Detroit Lions draft

DETROIT – You don’t really know how well you did in the draft until you see the guys play, but even still, Free Press Lions Beat Writer Dave Birkett and Former Lion Rob Rubick think they did pretty well.

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“They took the best two players they could in first two picks, Jeff Okudah and D’andre Swift, both guys will play significant roles this fall,” Birkett said.

Rubick agreed with Birkett, but wished the Lions played the quarterback card a bit more.

“I don’t like how they did it personally,” Rubick said. “I would have pushed the Tua card for a while and forced the hands of the people who really did want him.”

Clearly, by taking two guards and two running backs in tis draft. The Lions want to run the ball more. Having a player like Swift gives them options.

“I like Swift, they can use him when Kerryon is not healthy, when he is, they can get them both playing,” Rubick said.

As for Guard, Logan Stenberg take in the 4th round, everyone has heard of his nasty play, in fact, it’s well-known.

“I got a text from the scout after the Lions took Stenberg,” Birkett said. “He plays tough, he plays the way he should. That fits the way the Lions want to play.”

To win in this League, Rubick said you need a franchise quarterback. The Lions have that in Matthew Stafford.

“They have that with Matthew Stafford and they have been wasting him,” Rubick said. “He’s wasting away. He has dog years on him. He’s in his 10-11 season, but it’s really 15 or 16 with the pounding he’s taken. I just hope they can win in the next year or two.”

Birkett believes the Lions got great value in this draft to help with that win-now mandate from the Ford Family.

“When you pick 3rd, you should be able to get more talent than if you were picking lower,” Birkett said.

As for a letter grade, Birkett gives the Lions an A-minus, while Rubick gives them a solid B.

Bob Quinn said he will grade this draft in wins and losses next season and beyond.

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