Lomas Brown on the Detroit Lions’ 2020 NFL Draft picks: ‘I like what they did'

DETROIT – The Lions picked up five players in the final day of the draft, a lineman, a wide receiver, a running back and two defensive tackles. Overall, the Lions drafted nine players. Lomas Brown liked what he saw.

“I’ll give them an A-minus,” Brown said. “I like what they did. I really do. They addressed every position.”

Granted, the Lions had a lot of positions to fill.

As a former lineman, Lomas always looks at the guys up front. Day two, the Lions drafted guard Jonah Jackson, day three it was Logan Stenberg. Lomas believes both are great pickups.

“The big guy from Ohio State Jackson and the guy from Kentucky,” Brown said. “Stenberg seems to be a mean [guy.] That’s where they needed to beef up, the interior of the offensive line.”

Overall, the Lions got three players from Ohio State and a running back from Georgia. Lomas said those college programs are a cut above and even with this unusual offseason, where players can’t work out at the facilities, he believes those rookies will be ready to play.

“They got players; they seem like they will be impactful players. now or down the line,” he said.

Lomas has been at home with his wife, his college-age kids and their dog Albert. The family has been watching TV and playing games.

“We’ve been doing a lot of games, a lot of board games,” Brown said.

Lomas said the NFL hosting a virtual draft was a welcome distraction. He admits to not always paying 100 percent attention to the draft picks.

“Have you gotten a kick out of the GM’s and coaches houses and setups? That’s the first thing I do,” Brown said. “I look for what’s in the background before I pay attention to them. Kliff Kinsbury, wow, he’s living large!”

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