Canton Township farmer also is great golfer

By Jamie Edmonds - Reporter

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Everyone in Canton Township knows Mary Hauk knows her produce.

"We are known for our sweet corn," Hauk said.

A 4th-generation farmer, Mary's Farm Market has been on the corner of Beck and Ford roads for years. But there is something about Mary her customers do not know.

"Some do, some don't," she said.

Mary can really drive it -- not a tractor, a golf ball.

Mary took up the game of golf seven years ago and she's turned her farm land into a makeshift practice range.

"It's about 38 yards to the tractor over there," she said as she pulled out her pitching wedge on her family's land.

Whatever Mary's doing out there is working because she has competed in and won several amateur golf championships. She even represented her country in the World Golfers Championship in 2012.

Mary said she's not quitting her day job anytime soon, but the seed has been planted.

"The other weekend I had to spray [the field,] so I had someone else do it for me while I went out to compete," she said.

She is playing in the World Golf Amateur Tour qualifier Sunday at TPC of Michigan in Dearborn.

The event is still open and available to amateur golfers with a 30 handicap or better.

Win your flight, you get free entry into the National Championship. Win your flight there, you get an all-expense paid trip to Durban, South Africa to represent the USA in your skill level against 44 other countries at the World Golfers Championship.

Registration is open until Thursday morning. Call Mark at 313-580-1523 or go to

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