Jalen Rose makes plea to Chris Webber to reunite with Fab Five for NCAA Championship game

Jalen Rose: 'The elephant in the room? Chris Webber'

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ATLANTA - Four of the five Fab Five are expected to reunite in Atlanta Monday for the 2013 NCAA Championship game where Michigan will take on Louisville. The wildcard is Chris Webber.

The Fab Five consisted of Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King. The five arrived at Michigan as freshman in the early 90's and captivated the world of college basketball.

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Webber's former teammate Jalen Rose is making a public plea for Webber to join his former teammates to support their school." He appeared on Bill Simmons' podcast on ESPN Monday night.

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Rose said, "Ray Jackson is probably going to get on a plane to meet Jimmy King and myself. Jimmy King is there already. Juwan Howard has a game Tuesday, he plays with the Miami Heat. I anticipate he's going to come to the game. Monday night. The elephant in the room? Chris Webber. While he loves us like brothers and vice versa, there has been a communication separation that has basically taken place since we all were teammates. I think the time out had a lot to do with it. Here's what I mean: I think he wants to disassociate himself with that moment and with that school and in theory with us to kind of rebuild his life."

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That moment in history came in 1993 when, in the closing seconds of the 1993 championship game against North Carolina, Webber called a timeout that Michigan didn't have. The end result was a technical foul and Michigan's loss.

"It is sad. It is unfortunate. If I saw him we would hug like brothers. We've never had an argument. We've never had a disagreement but he was the person who had the unfortunate timeout," said Rose. "He lives in Atlanta and the network that he works for has a show Tuesday night. Monday night the world knows that he's going to be in Atlanta. It is almost like a flagrant omission if he decides not to come."

WATCH: Jalen Rose makes plea to Chris Webber to reunite Fab Five at NCAA Championship game

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