Michigan QB Gardner gets hate mail, threats

Devin Gardner says he loves Michigan fans, even if they hate him

By Jamie Edmonds - Reporter

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - It's been a rough season for the Michigan Wolverines and quarterback Devin Gardner.

He has taken shots on the field and now off the field in the form of personal attacks on Twitter.

"They love you when you're winning and I don't want to say hate, but I have gotten hate mail," Gardner said to reporters on Wednesday.

Search Gardner's Twitter feed and you can see some people were not too nice following Michigan's loss to Nebraska last week.

@brandnnJ tweeted: @qu9rter8ack you suck.

@thatboycrider tweeted: @qu9rter8ack why you so garbage, bro?

@StealYoRedBull tweeted: has @qu9rter8ack apologized to the Harmon family yet? #givebackthejersey #NEBvsMICH

And those are just a few of the tweets we could show.

Those negative tweets became the talk of the town after Gardner mentioned it in a press conference Wednesday. On Thursday, Matt Dery of 105.1 talked about it on his radio show.

"Those are personal attacks, give me a break," Dery said on the air.

A caller on his show agreed.

"Maybe if he was a professional athlete and getting a paycheck, I could understand the personal attacks, but not for a college kid."

Gardner is taking it all in stride, saying he still loves the Michigan fans.

"They may hate me, but I still love them man," he said.

Plenty of fans came to the defense of Gardner Thursday with plenty of encouraging words too.

@Rodee39 I know you guys have had a rough couple of weeks. True Michigan fans support you. Go Blue!

@eskylynch heard u r getting negative mail. Wow. MANY of us appreciate your efforts and spirit as a Michigan man. This too shall pass!

Michigan takes on Northwestern Saturday on the road.

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