New college football site lets fans get in the Huddle

HuddlePass delivering Big Ten fans unique reading opportunity

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Can you feel it? The anticipation of Big Ten football is a sensory experience on par with the game itself. Fan fever reaches an all-time high early in the season, and everyone in the Midwest is talking stats, players and local teams. In the past, reliable and informative coverage of the college football scene has been tough to come by, especially with such an overabundance of sports commentary.

Now, fans have HuddlePass.

HuddlePass is a resource created by Big Ten football players for football fans. It doesn't rely on hype or gimmicks, but knowledge of the game itself. All you have to do is #GetInTheHuddle.

For Michigan fans, HuddlePass has an impressive group of former Wolverine greats to bring you into the Huddle of Michigan football. Tim Massaquoi, Brandon Williams, Jermaine Gonzales, Todd Howard, Tyrece Butler and Donovan Warren are working to give you an insight into the 2013 Michigan season. They'll dish out first-hand perspectives on Big Ten contenders, emerging recruits and all things Wolverines! These Huddle experts are ready to answer the questions Michigan fans are asking.

"I feel HuddlePass will give me a great opportunity to connect with the great Michigan fans that I know for a fact have followed my career since I left Michigan," Massaquoi said. "HuddlePass is a great forum to stay connected and answer questions that fans may have but can't get the kind of answers from news reporters."

Among all the different websites that offer articles about football, HuddlePass is the only one that can reveal team strategy, tradition and on-field experience through players that have recently played at a Big Ten university.

"The users have access to the inside scoop on being a college football player," Massaquoi said. "They can learn about some of the traditions that happen behind the scenes within the football program that they can't get anywhere else. It is exclusive insider information that forms and shapes the college football players. Some of the scoop goes beyond the X's and O's of football and more into the mental shaping of the team."

Michigan's Huddle expert revealed that the new site will give fans a sense of why things happen at their favorite school. Why do coaches recruit a certain player? What type of work and dedication does it take to be a college football player? How do players balance class and football? All of these questions can only be answered by the players that have gone through the process.

Founded by former Northwestern quarterback CJ Bacher, his teammatess TJ Jones and Chris Malleo and former Illinois defensive back Kyle Kleckner, HuddlePass brings together various perspectives from former student athletes straight to the fans. With articles, videos and other insights created by these players, fans can expect a truly unique game experience this season.

All 12 Big Ten schools have their own team Huddle, along with Notre Dame. Michigan State's Huddle Expert is former quarterback Jeff Smoker, who relishes the opportunity to interact with his Spartan fans.

"I believe that college football is the greatest game on earth, and HuddlePass gives me an opportunity to share that passion with MSU fans," Smoker said. "Unlike most sports writers on other websites, we have been in the locker room, film room, weight room and huddle."

As former players, the experts are their current teams' biggest fans and share their excitement with fans that cheered for them during their careers, and for their replacements today.

"The average college football fan never gets to directly interact with the players they used to cheer for," Smoker said. "HuddlePass gives these fans an opportunity to interact with us on a more personal basis."

To #GetInTheHuddle, just go to and join the Huddle of your favorite Big Ten team. Daily content is added to keep you up to date with what is going on inside your team's football program.

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