About 1,000 people volunteer at this year's Detroit Grand Prix

Volunteers in high demand

By Larry Spruill - Reporter

DETROIT - From the moment you arrive to the Grand Prix on Belle Isle, you're bound to run into a volunteer. Whether it's scanning your ticket, or just making sure you’re not lost, they’re everywhere. 

This year there are about 1000 volunteers, according to event director Rena Shanaman. 

This is her 30th year and she knows from experience, the more volunteers, the better. “We couldn’t do this event without volunteers. A lot of people don’t realize, it is a year round effort to organize an event like this,” said Shanaman. 

The Grand Prix is a one of a kind event and it is vital that things run without any problems. Shanaman said there are 16 departments for the volunteers, anything from customer service to behind the scenes.  

“Whether it’s helping prepare the track, helping to shuttle people around on the venue,” said Shanaman. 

The venue has changed over the years. Jim Dahl said it’s easy to get lost, without volunteers to help.  

“It’s awesome. The people are great. They’re so friendly. It just makes it a welcoming atmosphere, like with the new Grandstand 7, I didn’t know how to get there but three or four volunteers took me in the right direction,” said Dahl. 

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