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The Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks faceoff at 1 p.m. Saturday in Game 2 of their Western Conference Semifinals series.

Local 4 is blogging during the game to keep you up to date, play-by-play as all the action happens.

The Match up: Red Wings, Blackhawks.

1:21 PM

So far good pace for both teams back and fourth action, Black Hawks getting some chances on Howard

First Period

Ten minute mark Interference penalty on Detroit, Black Hawks going on the Power Play,

So far Red Wings are out shooting the Black Hawks 7-2.

9:17 Red Wings need to kill this black hawks power play to keep the momentum going.

Emmerton with a short handed break away save made by crawford

7:26 Red Wings Kill off the Black Hawks power play, Jimmy Howard made some key saves.

6:51 Black Hawks starting to get their legs back in this game after a slow start.

5:57 Black Hawks make it 1-0 after a Red Wings turn over at center ice. Handzous to Kane

5:09 Red Wings have to limit their turn overs at Center Ice, That is where the Black Hawks take advantage

Red Wings going on the power play with 5:09 to go in the first period

Red Wings with some big chances on the power play but the Black Hawks kill it off 1-0 Black Hawks with 3:08 to go.

1 min to go in the first period Red Wings getting some chances on Crawford

Crawford is giving up alot of rebounds Red Wings need to crash the net more and take advantage.

Period 1 comes to a close Black Hawks lead 1-0.

After one period gone by the key for the Red Wings needs to be limit turn overs at center ice, crash the net more. Corey Crawford is giving up alot of loose rebounds.

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Key First Period Stats

Red Wings leading 12-8 on shots on net

12-12 on Hits

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2nd Period

Red Wings need to stay with the same game plan, they are getting alot of chances on net

The Black Hawks are a very patient team they wait for other teams to make mistakes and then make their move.

17:51 brunner with a shot that went wide of Crawford. Red Wings threating to score

17:20- Brunner and kindl connect to make it a 1-1 game.

Its a new game now tied at 1 Red Wings pushing the puck.

16:24 Red Wings going on the power play looking to try to take the lead tied 1-1

Great effort by Henrik Zetterberg to deny a 2 on 1 chance for the black hawks

13:59 Red Wings Power play comes to an end only two shots on net

13:33 No shots on net for the Black Hawks

13:05 Black Hawks going on the power play, Red Wings, Datsyuk gets a penalty for delay of game.

10:50 Red Wings kill the penalty Black Hawks only had 1 shot on net.

Red Wings Defense really stepping up they have held the Black Hawks to just one shot on net this period.

9:13 Crawford with two big saves for the Black Hawks on a Dan Cleary

8:22 Marian Hossa getting a lot of chances today, but the Red Wings getting in the away of all the shots.

3:52 Brennan Smith Scores for the Wings and makes it a 2-1 game the Wings using their speed to get past the Black Hawks Defense

Red Wings taking advantage of their speed, The Black Hawks cant seem to get thier legs under them today.

After two periods in the books the Red Wings lead 2-1

Detroit has been the dominate team from the drop of the puck today. The Black Hawks still have yet to find their legs.

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3rd period

Here we go the start of the 3rd period the Red Wings have to make sure not to become complacent

17:02 Wings still lead 2-1

16:15 Wings buzzing in the Black Hawks zone

14:55 big save by howard

13:09 Wings still up 2-1 Black Hawks starting to push back

12:37 Wings take a two goal lead go up 3-1 with a big goal by Johan Franzen

8:30 to go Red Wings have played a near perfect game

8:07 Jonathon Toews with a great chance on net Howard with a big save

7:57 valteri filpula with a big goal makes it 4-1 game

2:15 to go Wings with a 4-1 lead

Howard with 19 saves today, The Black Hawks looked like they didnt even come to play today, they never looked like they were into this game at all.

Red Wings with a big win today, they played a near perfect game and go onto win 4-1 and tie the series at 1 game a piece.

Brunner,Smith,Fanzen and Kindl the Goal Scorers for the Wings. Kane with the only tally for the Black Hawks.

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