Internet blames Ted Cruz for Texas Tech's loss

Senator takes exception to 'jinx' suggestions

Twitter/@tedcruz via CNN

Sometimes a tweet is more than just a tweet.

At least, that's what some Texas Tech fans are saying.

They're blaming Sen. Ted Cruz for "jinxing" the Red Raiders during the NCAA men's basketball national championship game Monday night.

The Republican from the Lone Star State was at the game at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and posted several photos on social media.

One of those included a selfie in the final seconds of the game that saw Cruz write, "35 seconds. ONE point LEAD. GO RED RAIDERS!!! #1 Defense."

Unfortunately for Cruz and Tech fans, the Virginia Cavaliers were able to come back and tie the game, sending it into overtime.

Virginia ended up winning the game 85-77, leading some fans to vent on Cruz.

The senator later tweeted about a "heartbreaking loss" and congratulated the team on a history-making season.

He also later took exception for anybody claiming he had jinxed Texas Tech.

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