Luxurious, elegant displays to see at NAIAS

From chairs to flowers, automaker exhibits show off unique designs

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These flowers demonstrate the elegance of the Lincoln Motor Company exhibit at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

DETROIT - The moment you step into this year's North American International Auto Show, you'll notice just how far automakers went in creating a feeling of luxury surrounding their latest vehicles.

What many people will see as they enter the auto show in Detroit are ceiling lights that glow one-by-one above the Mercedes-Benz exhibit. Inside the exhibit, there are a number of unique design structures highlight the automaker's Electric Drive.

The Lincoln Motor Company's display features a number of original design elements that make it stand out among the rest. The new Lincoln MKZ is on display inside the "Lincoln Vision Gallery," which features plush carpeting, low lighting and multiple television monitors that light up the ceiling.

In fact, a number of automakers, such as Tesla Motors and Honda, featured plush carpeting in their exhibits that makes walking around their vehicles even more comfortable.

Flowers were used in many of the automaker's displays, especially at information desks where attendees can ask any question they may have about the vehicles they discover.

In addition to what can be seen in these displays, what's also prominent is that new car smell one experiences when first purchasing a car. Also, when opening and looking through one of the automaker's flyers, you can still smell the printed ink as they flip through the pages.

Finally, a number of the automakers utilized speakers that projected sounds throughout the displays. The music had the right amount of volume and bass to enrich one's experience at NAIAS.

Photos truly do speak for themselves. Take a look at what you can expect to see when you attend this year's North American International Auto Show.

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Photos: Feeling of luxury at NAIAS exhibits

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