Ann Arbor Girl Scouts head to the Olympics

'It is going to be so empowering seeing the women compete in the games"

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

Four Girl Scouts are going on trip of a life time. They are packing their patches, uniforms and cookies and heading to the 2012 London Olympics. 

"If you would have asked me I was going to the Olympics when I first joined the girl scouts I would have never believed you," said 12th grader, Casey Wiley.

Katie Frego - 10 grad,  Elizabeth Shillington - 11 grade,  Casey Wisely - 12 grade and Natalie Zimmerman - 10 grade are traveling to the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts Centre in London, Englandon July 18th. They'll stay at the Pax Lodge, where they'll receive an exclusive scout pin.

"It's something I grew up watching on TV," said Casey Wisely. "But I never imagined I would be with the crowds, the world!"

The girls registered for tickets to some of the Olympic games; women's table tennis, women's basketball along with women's volleyball. For the week prior to London the scouts will be traveling around Great Britain stopping in Dublin, Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, Scotland and York, England.  They will be joining up with Girl Guides in these areas whenever possible to make some international friendships.  

"We have all kinds of outfits packed," said Wisely. "All red and white and blue of course, we plan on waving the flags proudly."

The girls ticket to the game – boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies. The girls sold cookies and held benefits for two years to raise enough money to attend the games.

"It's a dream come true," said Elizabeth Shillington. "It's going to be so empowering seeing the women compete in the games."

The scouts set up a special Facebook page and you can follow their adventures to London by clicking HERE:


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