Canton swimmer wins silver in 400M freestyle

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LONDON - It has been another incredible day!

Allison won the silver medal in the 400 meter freestyle, achieving her best time and setting an American record in the process. 

She swam extremely well and looked so powerful in the water.  Everyone around us cheered their hearts out for Allison, including some Australians who were sitting next to us.

It really made me feel proud to see countries coming together like that in support of my sister.

Before the finals, we saw Elizabeth Beisel, another U.S. swimmer who swam an amazing race last night, win the silver medal in the 400 individual medley.  Elizabeth was nice enough to let us see her silver medal up close.  By the end of the night, Allison had a silver medal of her own!

The best part of the night was being able to see Allison.

The workers were clearing out the pool area, and I'm sure they were exhausted and wanted to go home, but a few of them let us stay to try and see her.

It really meant a lot to our family.

We stayed for as long as we were allowed, but eventually we had to leave. 

Just as I was walking toward the door, I heard someone yell, "SHE'S HERE!" 

I don't even remember running back toward her, but as soon as I saw Allison I started crying. 

I was so proud of her! I would not have traded anything for the experience of being able to give my sister a hug.


Kirsten Schmitt is the sister of US team swim team member Allison Schmitt. She is blogging for while she is in London.

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