Carmen catches up with Detroit's golden couple in New York

Merly Davis, Charlie White stop in New York for media tour before returning to metro Detroit

NEW YORK - Meryl Davis and Charlie White are still celebrating their gold medal win at the Olympics.

The ice dance team from metro Detroit has left Sochi, but they are still a little ways from home.

Local 4's Carmen Harlan caught up with them in New York when they made a stop at the Today Show.

Davis and White spoke with Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie before skating outside in front of a crowd of fans and New Yorkers.

They told Carmen they were prepared to compete for the gold medal but not necessarily prepared for the attention that has followed.

"We went from being noticed every once in a while, you know, sort of at school and now people on the streets of New York are like 'Oh hey, congrats,'" said White.

"Every person who passed me recognized me and it was the first time we had been home and it's just a very surreal experience," said Davis.

Davis and White also appeared on Kathie Lee and Hoda with their moms Cheryl Davis and Jacqui White.

Carmen spoke to 'The Moms' as they're know in the skating world, about where they were when their children won the gold medal.

"We were up in the nosebleed section," joked Cheryl Davis, Meryl's mom.

"You just hold on, hold your breath," said Jacqui White.

Carmen also asked the moms if they knew their children had won the gold medal.

"I think when they finished we did. We felt it.  it was so beautiful, how could it not be?  But you never know so we just nervously waited," said Jacqui White.

Davis and White have been celebrating since they won at the Olympics.

"We got a chance to celebrate a little bit at the USA House, at the P & G Family Home," said Davis.

Davis said they have not had a lot of sleep since then, but it is worth it.

"We had a lot of adrenaline going, excitement and it's hard to complain or be tired when you just won Olympic gold," said Davis.

"We feel so fortunate to have all these opportunities, to come back to the US and celebrate with everybody," said White.  

As for the future, Davis and White said they are waiting until they return to Detroit to make any decisions.  They have committed to skating in Stars on Ice, but have not made a decision on the World Championships in Japan in March.

"Moving forward we're just going to try to take our time and figure out what we want to do, you know the world championships are coming up so we'll have to see if that's in store for us," said White.

Davis and White are excited to return home to metro Detroit and had a special message to all of their Motown fans.

"We just want to say thank you so much for the support.  You know growing up in metro Detroit area, the facilities, the people have been such an inspiration to us, such a part of our career and just a sincere thank you," said Davis.

"Thank you so much, really, it's been a true pleasure for getting to represent Detroit all across the world," White said.

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