Metro Detroit speed skater arrives in Sochi

Clinton Township's Kelly Gunther finds it hard to describe how amazing the athletes' village

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Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to say and I am safe and sound in Sochi! And I don't have enough words to even say how amazing this place is! It's one amazing place and so awesome to be here!

The Village is just unbelievable, to even say the least! Each country has their own building and flags all over it. We don't have flags yet, because they got lost when they shipped them in October! But hey! Maybe we will get them!! (:  

The first picture you see in the Villages, and those are the buildings behind it! They did a pretty good job, huh!?!?

This is my really good friend and buddy!

Without this one, amazing doctor, I wouldn't be here!

I'll never forget going into his office and asking him if I could even face this or what was ahead of me … Even he wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do it! But he must have believed, and knew I was going to be okay!

So, after not being in Colorado for some time, I finally got to see him TODAY! And it was so good to see him and my support group from the OTC in Colorado Springs!

He today told me, when I did go into his office, I was the kind of person that was going to be okay and knew nothing was going to stop me, because if I didn't go to there to do my rehab I wouldn't be skating! So, when I say 'Thank you so much for my team in the Springs,' this is why! Couldn't have done it without any of them.

Here is Heather and I at the rink!

Its kinda hard to see behind us, but it's a pretty amazing place!! LOVE IT!! (:

This is all I have for now! Thanks Everyone for joining me on this road!! (:

Kelly Gunther is competing in long track speed skating for the US Olympic team. She is from Clinton Township and is a Chippewa Valley High School graduate.  Gunther will race in the women's 1,000 meter while in Sochi, Russia.

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