Reveal of The Lincoln Motor Company display at 2013 NAIAS

Newly-renamed Lincoln Motor Company's display at Cobo Center

DETROIT - Last year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Ford's Lincoln display had a heavy emphasis of luxury that helped set the brand apart from Ford's other vehicles.

This year, the newly-renamed Lincoln Motor Company's display at Cobo Center outdid itself. Yet, the first word that comes to mind at the Lincoln display is not necessarily "luxury" but "awesome." The display itself is a big, bright showcase with small rooms set aside with comfortable, intimate atmospheres. As everyone hustled to get a glimpse of the new vehicles on stage at Monday's reveal, one could still get a personal look at the cars in one of the rooms.

The new MKZ was set aside in a lounge-type room with plush carpeting and low lighting. The vehicle shined in the cool atmosphere, tempting you sit inside for a closer look. Again, the brand's luxury standard was only half the story: The Lincoln Motor Company seems to have achieved another awe-inspiring display of good things to come.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally concluded the reveal with the MKC Concept, a car that grabbed everyone's attention near the Ford section at Cobo. The crossover bathed in the center-stage attention as Bill Ford Jr. posed by its side for a proud photo. Its panoramic glass roof had photographers stretching to get the best shot.

The MKC Concept embodies what Ford seeks to achieve with the brand. It showcases luxury and cutting-edge design and remains beautifully practical.. It's easy to see this concept as the future of the brand and it's even easier to fall in love with it.

The Lincoln Motor Company seems like a fitting name for such a classic brand, and the display at Cobo Center does it justice.