Noisemakers, flags not allowed at Real Madrid-Manchester United game

University of Michigan has strict rules for items allowed inside Big House

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - When Real Madrid and Manchester United take to the pitch on Saturday at Michigan Stadium, fans won't be blowing loud horns and waving giant flags.

At least, they won't be doing it without risking getting thrown out.

According to the University of Michigan's athletic department, vuvuzelas and other artificial noisemakers, and flags and flagpoles are some of the items that won't be allowed inside the Big House for the soccer match.

Permitted Items

- Foam seat pads
- Small non-pocket seat cushions without zippers or storage slots
- Binoculars -- but cases are not allowed
- Cell phones and pagers
- Small cameras (those with a lens shorter than 6 inches) and radios
- Blankets and rain apparel -- but no umbrellas

Prohibited Items

- All bags (including purses)
- All bottles (including all types of water bottles)
- Flags and flagpoles
- Vuvuzelas and any other artificial noisemakers
- Fireworks and flares
- Animals (service and other animals for disabled are allowed)
- Containers of any kind (including coolers, thermoses, cups, cans, flasks)
- Seat cushions with any type of metal, or with pockets, zippers, storage slots, seat backs, arm rests or attachments of any kind
- Aerosol and spray cans
- Umbrellas
- Alcoholic beverages
- Food of any kind
- Apparel or signage displaying profane or abusive language
- Video cameras and tripods
- Strollers
- Projectile toys (including footballs, Frisbees and beach balls)
- Weapons

Medications, diapers and other and certain necessary items will be permitted into the stadium as long as they are carried in a clear plastic bag and approved by stadium personnel.

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