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As news breaks and stories shape our local communities, the nation and the world, your thoughts are important.

We believe it should be easy for you to participate in the conversations and lend your voice to the stories that matter.

That is why ClickOnDetroit.com has introduced an exciting new way to join in!

Our all-new commenting platform, powered by Viafoura, allows readers to connect with others, and to add and read comments on the latest ClickOnDetroit stories.

It's a first-in-class experience with features you won't find any where else, including a notification feed to show you when others add comments to a story you choose to follow. You can also follow your favorite commenters, or others may choose to follow you!

You'll also find a share bar for sharing socially, push notifications on your desktop screen and real-time commenting to allow conversations to unfold.

Plus, make each story a personalized experience with options to sort by most-liked comments, or even view our Editor's Picks.

So what do you think? Connect with the ClickOnDetroit community now by logging in easily with your social media accounts. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!