WDIV, Graham Media Group to launch revolutionary Next-Gen TV by 2020

Platform will hone in on, create even more amazing viewer experience


DETROIT – Get ready for the next big thing to hit your television screen, and it's guaranteed to revolutionize your viewing experience.

WDIV-TV and its parent company, Graham Media Group, announced Wednesday that WDIV will be launching Next-Gen TV services by the end of 2020.

This is exciting news for viewers because it will provide more stunning pictures, immersive and customizable audio, and other innovative features to get you all of the content most relevant to you, greatly enhancing services and viewership.

The internet protocol-based broadcast platform can deliver data to millions of receivers at once without bottlenecks from online traffic, and it will provide information and entertainment to equipped receivers, along with digital and mobile devices.

“The collaborative effort needed to launch this new technology requires that broadcasters work together for the benefit of our viewers," Graham Media Group President and CEO Emily Barr said.
"Graham and WDIV look forward to launching the new Next-Gen TV station and the eventual launch of our own advanced signals on this platform. The future of television insures a more expansive experience, with high dynamic range video and advanced audio features that will immerse viewers as never before."

Next-Gen TV is powered by the new internet Protocol-based ATSC 3.0 standard, which allows consumers to integrate the most popular and pervasive video service -- broadcast television -- into their digital lifestyles.

Viewers can rest assured this does not necessarily mean a new TV will be required to take advantage of Next-Gen TV. Just as other devices have emerged with existing TV sets, adaptors and gateways will be made available.

WDIV, along with other broadcasters within the Top 40 markets, will be among the first to convert to the service in the rollout coming to viewers next year.

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